NIP 197002071996032002

Specialization: Civil Law, Business Law

She graduated from the Universitas Sriwijaya Law School (Bachelor of Law  (S-1) in 1995 and Magister Of Law (S-2) in 2001

She teaches several subjects including Civil Law, Private International Law, Investment, Intellectual Property Rights.

Some of the academic positions that have been held include, Secretary of the Law Laboratory, Secretary of the Palembang Campus and Secretary of the Civil Law Section.

The focus is on research studies on Investment and Intellectual Property Rights and journal publications (including: The South Sumatra Government’s Efforts to Attract Foreign Investment in Investment Activities, Moral Legal Relations and Intellectual Property Rights (Analysis of Legal Controversies and Morals of Genetic Engineering of Living Creatures in Indonesia, Legal Protection of Industrial Design Rights as Efforts to Attract Investment for Economic Development in Indonesia, etc.)