NIP 198506162019031012

Specialization: International Law, Law of the Sea, Maritime Law, International Contract Law, International Trade law, and International Environmental Law


Adrian Nugraha is a Lecturer of International Law. He teaches various courses within the field of International Law. He has written in various reputable international journals (Scopus). These articles include: Progress and legal framework issues in the establishment and control of Indonesian marine protected areas (Environmental Policy and Law, 2021, 51(3), pp. 201–207); Legal analysis of current Indonesia’s marine protected areas development (Sriwijaya Law Review, 2021, 5(1), pp. 14–28); and Current issues of Taiwan’s marine protected areas legal regime (Hasanuddin Law Review, 2020, 6(3), pp. 172–183).

Adrian Nugraha is a graduate of Faculty of Law Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia (S.H.); Master of Law of Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia (M.H.); and Institute of Law of the Sea, College of Ocean Law and Policy, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan (Ph.D.).